Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Katherine came home today and announced, "Well, I just found out that so-and-so likes me. That makes fifty-one boys who like me now."


"Well, I asked my friend how many boys like her, so she counted them all up. So then I decided to see how many boys have ever liked me, and I started counting, and by the end of the day I came up with fifty boys. So now it's fifty-one."

I go inside and tell John. He says "fifty-one BOYS?"


Katherine walks in. "Oh, are you telling Dad now, too?"

"Yes, Katherine. I found it amusing."

"Well, it might not actually be fifty-one boys."


"Yeah--I might have miscounted. It might actually be fifty-two."

" . . . "

On another note entirely, riddle me this: why does water from a water fountain (the good kind that chills the water) so much better than anything I make at home? I can get cold water at home. I can put ice in it, so it's really cold. So why is water from the industrial water fountain at church so much better than the water I can get elsewhere? Is it because it's aerated?

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