Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mother's Day Poetry

Jessica's 2nd grade class wrote poetry in honor of Mother's Day. Here's the result.

The acrostic poem:

Mother, Mother I love you so.
Oh, how you are nice.
Today I love you. I will love you
Hugs and Kisses.
Even if you are mean sometimes.
Remember me, Jessica.

I like how Jessica says how nice I am then hedges her bets with "even if you are mean sometimes!

The haiku:

You have rosy cheeks,
Your green-hazel eyes sparkle,
You shine like the stars.

I didn't know Jessica even knew what hazel meant! We always underestimate our kids.

The cinquain:

Love you
oh your wavy hair shines
oh lovely, friend, you are to me

The free verse poem:

I like how you take care of yourself
when you wake up in the morning
you always smell so sweet
I like when
you make cinnamon toast
on tasty wheat

Without punctuation, it's hard for me to tell on this one if she meant, "I like how you take care of yourself when you wake up," or "when you wake up you smell sweet."

The shape poem (it wraps around a shape--in this case, a paw print that Jessica made from a heart):

You're the heart pawprint of my eyes.
I'll love you forever, oh Mother, oh Mother.
I love you a lot.
You have rosy cheeks, your green hazel eyes sparkle.
You shine like the twinkling stars.
You take good care of me, putting me under your wing.

Who can resist, "you're the heart pawprint of my eyes?"

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