Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Famous Last Words

Someday, whether it be when I'm about to leave the house, heading into surgery, or laying on a bed surrounded by loved ones, I'll speak my last words. As I drove away from my home this afternoon, I pondered the fact that, because it's impossible to pin down your exact time of death, you never know what your last words will be. It occurred to me that, if I never saw my kids again, my last words today would be these:

"And I want you to be nice to each other. Or, in the immortal words of Bill and Ted, be excellent to each other."

Yes, because I can't actually trust my kids to treat each other well while I'm out, my last words would have come from a 1980s comedy.

A few other things I've said on my way out the door:

"I know that you know. I want there to be less knowing and more doing."

"And no cooking or using knives while I'm gone."

"No answering the front door. Unless it's your sister. Never mind--she can come in through the garage."

"And if you're on the phone, and the call waiting beeps, answer it and take a message! Don't just ignore it."

"Not until you're done with your dinner."

And occasionally: "I love you!"

Now that I've shared a few of my regulars, I'd like to hear the "last words" you spoke to your family members today.

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  1. Eat your breakfast and don't just drink milk.